Lake Life

Since the early 1900s "The Lake" has been a special place where lifetime experiences and memories are made with families and friends. Many folks say, the lake is the place were their families grow stronger and their friendships transcend generations.

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Lake History

Newton Lake, located in Greenfield Township, PA has a rich history. From the territory of the Leni Lenape Native Americans, to the lands William Penn received from King Charles II in 1681, to the Samuel Meredith and Nathan Levering's original Land Patents, to numerous local farm owners, to Joseph Jermyn purchase of land via sheriff's sale , F. W. Wagner, the Consolidated Water Supply Company, and Shannon & Reynolds, to the Newton Lake Association members owning the lake and the current property and home owners that surround.

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Lake Community

The Newton Lake community has always taken steps to preserve the natural waters, surrounding lands, and the rights of property and home owners.

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Newton Lake Property Owners

The property and home owners in the Newton Lake community share a common passion for protecting the...

The Newton Lake Welcome Stone at the outlet along Lake View Road.


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