Samuel Meredith – Newton Lake Original Land Owner

1879 Map of Lackawanna County, Compiled from Maps and Surveys By Francis L. Faries The map detail shows Samuel Meredith and Nathan Levering as the Original Patent holders to the lands surrounding Newton Lake and Crystal Lake.

Samuel Meredith

Samuel Meredith (1741 – 1817) was a Revolutionary War hero and a true patriot in the early history of the United States.  In 1789, at the urging of George Washington, Samuel Meredith became the first Treasurer of the United States. He served under Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. During his tenure in the Treasury Department, Meredith lent the government more than one hundred thousand dollars to help pay for the Revolutionary War—a sum that was never repaid to him. According to biographical information, Samuel Meredith left his Treasury post in 1801. He then returned to his estate, Belmont Manor, in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania, to manage his prior mercantile and land management business interests.

His vast land holdings in Northeast Pennsylvania, including the original Patents for lands surrounding Newton Lake, were granted as partial  payment for his financial support of the American Revolution. He spent significant time with his family and in the territory called the “Ragged Islands” which later became Carbondale Township. His influence in our area remains today, as the Meredith Fire Company carries his name.

Thomas Meredith was one of the six children of Samuel and Margaret Meredith. He served in the United States army during the War of 1812, eventually becoming a Major in the army. In 1822 Thomas married Sarah Gibson. The couple then built a home near Carbondale, PA, known as Meredith Cottage, where they had several children.