The history of Newton Lake properties across time.

Survey - Nathan Levering A9 287 Two Ponds

Map of Greenfield Township showing the original Patent holders to the lands withing the township after its 1816 founding.

The lands around the shore lines of Newton Lake and Crystal Lake were included in the Nathan Levering 1787 Land Patent. These lands were surrounded by the Samuel Meredith Land Patents issued October 24, 1800.


This 1923 Map shows the F. B. Wagner Land at Newton Lake. The initial parcel of land purchase in 1917 was used for the Newton Lake Amusement Park and the Wagner sub-division. This parcel of land was purchased from the Yarrington family. The peninsula was subsequently purchased from Shannon & Reynolds in 1922. This parcel of land was used for The Train and The Roller-Coaster.

Newton Lake Map
This map shows the lands at Newton Lake that were purchased by Shannon & Reynolds, two business developers from Carbondale, in 1922. The land was purchased from the Consolidated Water Supply Company. The purchase included the 15 acre peninsula and the 111 acres along the perimeter of the lake.

Newton Lap Topo Map
Newton Lake and Mud Lake Topographical map showing the contours and depths of the water.


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